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marineko's fanfiction

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arashi, fanfiction, tenipuri, slam dunk

marineko's fanfiction


You can call me Mari.

I used to write Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis fic under the name Black Rainbow.
My current LJ username is mylittlecthulhu; before this it had been insectwings (and before that, it was kaijou).


My fics will probably contain melodrama, cheese, angst, typos, weird tenses, and other things that I may or may not be aware of. Feel free to point these things out to me, really.

They will probably not contain smut, not because I am not a fan of smut fics, but because. I don't know actually - in the beginning it was because there were so many smut fics when I started out that I wanted there to be something ELSE, but now it's more because I'm used to writing PG fics than any other reason.


As mentioned above, feel free to point out mistakes. If the thing you can't take is the melodrama/cheese and such, I probably can't fix that right away, although I would keep it in mind the next time I write. But if I have typos, and switched tenses without noticing AGAIN (my most common mistake, I think) or anything like that, seriously, TELL ME. Because while I do go through my fics a lot, sometimes I miss out on these things.

And really any other concrit would be welcome, too. I'm the kind of person who gets butt-hurt easily, but I do get over it quickly and appreciate it in the end :)

...and another thing

Thank you VERY much for reading! <3

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