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marineko's fanfiction
Arashi: An Ever Expanding Sky (45) 
3rd-Aug-2014 02:29 pm
AUTHOR: Marineko / mylittlecthulhu
FANDOM: Arashi
PAIRING: Sakuraiba, Juntoshi
RATING: PG-13 (mentions of violence)
DATE: August 3rd, 2014
NOTES/DISCLAIMERS: 1. This is a work of fiction. 2. beta-ed by arashic0804

Chapter Forty-Four | Epilogue

Chapter Forty-Five

Rin opened her eyes. She took a couple of deep breaths, coughing a little, as Jin went towards her. "I'm fine," she told him, although her voice sounded weak. "Kazu, everyone's in place."

She had let go of Oguri, letting her hands fall to her sides. He remained unconscious. "All the windups should be awake, or waking, by now."

"What did she mean, everyone's in place?" Jin asked Nino.

"It means everyone's exactly where they're supposed to be at this point in time," Nino replied. He stood up. "Except me. I need to go now."

"Ninomiya -"

Nino smiled. "Take care of Rin while I'm gone."


Nino cursed as he waited for the slight shake in his hands to stop. He had never had trouble with locks before, and had no reason to worry now, but it was different. This time someone's life - someone other than him - was at stake. He didn't like the feeling at all.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Fuck!" Nino had let go of the metal codes to the safe, startled, and only just managed to catch them before they clattered to the floor. He turned, and glared at the figure at the window for where he climbed in. He felt another shiver of surprise when he saw who interrupted him. "What are you even doing here?" he snapped in irritation.

"I'm your patron god," the figure replied with mock hurt. "You're supposed to bow down before me with respect and admiration."

"I'd admire you a hell lot more if you didn't get in my way."

The thief god straightened up. "Are you sure you're doing the right thing, Ninomiya?" His voice sounded different, richer, somehow.

"Oh, so now you're using your God Voice," Nino muttered. "If I wasn't sure before, I'd be sure now. Heroic destinies and all. They all start with godly hallucinations, don't they? Go away."

"This will change the course of your life."

"I guess I'll have to take that risk," Nino replied, turning back to the safe. "What's the worst that could happen?"

There was no reply, and he knew that if he turned, he would see that he was once more alone. "Following me all the way to Eero," he said to himself in a low mutter. "Doesn't he have anything else to do?"

By the time the safe was open, and Aiba's papers were in his hands, he had forgotten all about the thief god's warning. He had stolen himself a windup, and perhaps a new friend.



Toma gave Shota a sharp glare, alerting him to lower his voice. Shota's eyes were wide as he shook his head, exactly once.

"I don't think we have anything to worry about when it comes to Oguri," he added. "Or his missing guards."

At those words, Ohno rushed ahead to where Shota was standing. Kuroki was about to follow suit when Toma reached to pull her back, noticing the look on Ohno's face.

Ohno stood at the archway, staring but not really comprehending what he was seeing. He couldn't even tell how many people had died in there, and the windups... he had seen the pictures of what happened to the disposables all those years ago, but it was different in person. He couldn't -

He could hear someone retching behind him. Distantly, he heard Shota saying something, but he didn't really listen.

"Well, now we know where the rest of the guards are."

Then everyone was talking at once, and he could only think, Jun.

He had thought that he failed Jun once, because he hadn't protected him. But what if he had failed Jun by leaving him behind?

A light touch fell on his shoulder, startling him. He turned to see Kuroki looking at him. "Go," she said, her voice low.


"I'll do what I can on this end; you can go back to him if you want."


Kamenashi opened his eyes, then blinked a few times. It didn't get any lighter, so he supposed that he must be in a dark area. A tunnel of some sort, his mind supplied. He took a deep breath, trying to gauge how injured he was, if he was injured at all. He felt normal, if a little strange. He couldn't sense Jin anywhere, but somehow the fact didn't hurt the way experience taught him to expect.

A temporary transfer of papers, he remembered. But if it was that, then Ninomiya should be...

He looked up.

"Took you long enough," the other man said.

Somehow the retort that came easily to his mind didn't quite make it through his lips. He avoided Ninomiya's gaze instead, but that only caused the other man to crouch lower.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Why-" he croaked, and cleared his throat before trying again. "Why wouldn't I be? Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to completely shut me down and start me up again, like I'm some kind of malfunctioning machine."

"Yeah," Ninomiya said, answering this own question. "You're okay." He stood up. "Come on, then."

He followed suit, movements a little unsteady. He hoped it wouldn't last, the shakiness he felt. Being the kind of windup he was, he had more emotional range than most others, but he was sure that this was the first time he felt terrified.

Ninomiya walked slowly, so that he could keep up. Sometimes Ninomiya looked like he was on the verge of asking a question, but he pretended not to notice, and Ninomiya never didn't say a thing.

The walk to the third council meeting room was long, and dark.


"It's quiet outside," Matsuyama said, still taking care to speak in a low tone. "Isn't it?"

Jun nodded. He scanned the room they were in; most of the others were resting, or still in shock. Matsuyama was one of the few that seemed alert to the fact that they weren't out of danger yet - Jun only vaguely remembered him from when he still lived in Milna, some third cousin of one of the Houses or something - but they had a lot of time to spend waiting for news, and watching out for potential enemies coming their way.

Matsuyama was right, though. It was almost too quiet - either Matsuda had hidden them away far from all the action, or something was wrong.

"You don't think it's over, do you?" The man on Jun's right, whose name still eluded him, asked.

Jun shook his head. "It won't be that easy. Even with the windups down, I think we're outnumbered. Toma's banking on getting Oguri, but Ninomiya insisted that Yamashita was the person behind all this."

Matsuyama gave him a blank look. Like most of those held captive, he wasn't exactly sure about anything that was going on. He only knew that there was a rebellion among the Guards, led by Oguri, and that it somehow had something to do with Jun and Nino's return from the dead.

Even if by some miracle they all came out of this alive, Jun realised that there would be a lot of explaining to do. Someone would have to stand in front of the Council and address the matter to their satisfaction, and that someone was him. Probably.

"I hear something!" One of the others said, hushing the rest of the small group talking in small murmurs - the few still in a presence of mind to defend all of them. Jun straightened, listening.

Footsteps. Slow, and measured. Then quick, hurrying, before almost forcefully slowing down again.

He stood, shaking his head at the group. "Our side," he said simply.

As the sound neared, and a shadow appeared by the doorway, accompanying the footsteps, Jun stepped forward.

"Satoshi," he said. "You came back."

Hearing his name, Ohno's steps faltered, and came to a stop. He looked at Jun, then at the rest of the people in the room - all members of the Council, or of the Houses. And Jun had just called him by name.

He took a deep breath.



Two of the chairs in the third council meeting room was occupied. This didn't surprise Yamashita; the third empty chair did.

"He's not here."

"He hasn't completed his task," Takizawa said. He sounded strangely monotonous, and his eyes were unfocused, as if he was still getting his bearings after waking up again.

"Even if he had," Tsubasa added, "we can't be sure he'd be here. He's a Disposable, and it is his final task."

"The records mentioned the Goddess' promise -"

"I would not hold to Her promises." Tsubasa's gaze was cold. Emotionless, but not the same way Takizawa was. Yamashita wondered for a moment about the kind of windups they originally were, and what the reset might have done to alter them. "The Goddess doesn't answer to us."

"He must live," Takizawa said, speaking in the same toneless voice. "He exists to usher in the new world."

"Yes," Yamashita said, "but he's not here. You said he'll be here."

"What do you care, Mortal?" Tsubasa, again. But his voice was deeper, laced with amusement. "You will hardly live to see what's to come."

Yamashita realised, then, that he had miscalculated one thing - he had prepared against belief, and the ways it could be manipulated. He hadn't thought that it might be real. He turned to call for his guards standing right outside, but the doors slammed shut. He could heard the pause of absolute quiet before the loud knocks and banging began, voices calling for him, then getting louder and panicked, calling for anyone, and then, an eerie silence.

Nine men, he thought to himself vaguely. He didn't quite mind the fact that they were probably dying out there; he hadn't planned to keep them around for that long, anyway. But the fact that the windups were out of control, and he was now unguarded...

"You-" he started. He didn't like how he sounded, the opposite of the cool demeanor he'd perfected during his time away from Milna. "You weren't allowed to interfere in our affairs. We've turned our backs on you - that means you have no hold on us."

Tsubasa smiled at him. He felt a slow chill growing within him; at first he thought it was just the knowledge that he'd been had, but as it spread, he realised that it could have been something else.

He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.


Ohno sat between Jun and Matsuyama as the men gathered, listening as he told them the news about Oguri.

"Why are you so shaken?" One of them asked. "Oguri was a dead man, anyway - he committed treason. His Guards knew the risk of following his orders. And most of the dead were windups, weren't they?"

"Windups look like us," another said in reply. "It doesn't matter if they're not human, I've seen photographs from the Matsumoto House massacre, they looked human and it was terrible -" he stopped, realizing what he had just said. "I didn't mean -"

"No, you didn't," Jun interrupted shortly. "And windups are, too, human." He looked at the two men that had spoken, daring them to disagree. Neither of them did. One of them looked unconvinced, but didn't say anything, while the other shrugged, as if conceding that Jun would know more about the windups than he.

Matsuyama nodded. "I used to spend my summers in Eero when I was still in the Academy," he said. "There are windups everywhere there, and I didn't think that they're that different from us. The problem isn't them, exactly - it's the person controlling them."

"Yamashita," Jun agreed. "Ninomiya had said as much. Still, I wouldn't say that we don't have a windup problem. Yamashita had been working with - or completely manipulating - a group of free windups to take over the city, and the fact that this group even existed is something to consider."

"What are you saying?"

Instead of looking at the man that asked the question, Jun found himself looking at Ohno. His hand moved, so that their fingers touched lightly - if anyone else noticed, it wouldn't even look like much, but Ohno felt like Jun was trying to tell him something, reassure him somehow.

"I'm saying," Jun replied, "that we need to rethink on how we treat windups here in Milna." He paused. "And it might not be such a bad thing to look closer at our caste systems."

There was a long silence, before the rest seemed to forget that they were supposed to be lying low. A loud debate broke out, as some of them disagreed, while others agreed too quickly. Matsuyama listened to all of them without speaking out, looking at Jun thoughtfully.

Jun met his stare, only looking away when Matsuyama gave him a small nod, as if in respect or acknowledgement, Jun didn't know what. Jun smiled at him, thinking that perhaps he had an ally in the Council other than Sho or Ninomiya, assuming the two would be cleared from all charges once it was all over.

He felt Ohno's fingers giving his a light squeeze in approval, and his smile widened a fraction.


Nino stepped gingerly over the bodies, while Kamenashi stood still. As Nino neared the main door, he looked back. "What are you so squeamish about?" he asked. "You're not even -"

"I don't think I should go in," Kamenashi said. His eyes were trained on one of the bodies, but Nino doubted that he was really seeing anything.

"Suit yourself," he murmured, and pushed the door open. He would worry about Kamenashi later, when he wasn't about to speak to some crazy deity.

He stepped into the room, closing the door behind him.

Three faces looked back at him; only one seemed surprised.

"I have a proposal," he announced. "For the Goddess," he added as clarification, seeing the confused look on Yamashita's face.

"Ninomiya," Tsubasa greeted pleasantly. "Please take a seat. We'll attend to you once everyone's arrived."

"He's not coming," Nino said, pulling up a chair for himself. "He chose differently." He grinned, unable to help himself, as he held up his transmitter, still beeping, as proof. "It's time for Plan B."

"Explain," Takizawa requested, unconcerned.

"I mean," Nino replied, pausing to look at both windups for a minute, "that one of you is now Her, aren't you? I can't tell."

Takizawa smiled. "We don't know what you mean by that."

"We are merely windups," Tsubasa added, in the exact same tone, and wearing the exact same smile.

Nino let out his breath. "Fine. Both of you are Her vessels. Doesn't matter. Aiba is the one you want."

"He'll come." Both of the windups spoke simultaneously.

"Okay, that's not creepy at all," Nino muttered, glancing at Yamashita. For someone that supposedly planned to take down Milna's ruling houses, he didn't look at all capable or in charge. He was just staring at the two windups, as if they were malfunctioning toys.

"He's in shock," Takizawa said.

"He won't bother us for awhile yet."

"If he does, we could always have him switched off."

Nino narrowed his eyes at the windups. "You do know that if you 'switch off' humans, you won't be able to switch them back on, right?"

The windups glanced at each other. Nino could almost hear the silent laughter between them. "Well, I suppose you can," he amended. "Although that doesn't mean you should."

When they looked back at him, whatever mirth that they had shown had been completely wiped out. "What is it," Tsubasa asked, "that you deemed important enough to interrupt Us about?"

"You want Aiba. He isn't coming." Nino held out his transmitter again. "Sho sent me a message. Aiba chose to die, rather than make the sacrifice you want."

Nino watched as Tsubasa stared at him, as if he was an interesting insect, while Takizawa glared.

Interesting, he thought. They are one, and yet they aren't.

"You lie," Takizawa said.

"He still lives," Tsubasa added.

Nino wondered, then, how many of the other windups were being inhabited by Her at the moment. He was pretty sure that She was limited by the eyes and ears of her host when using a human vessel - he had read a story about that in one of Aiba's books - so She must have been getting her information from one of the bodies She was in.

Not the time for speculations, he reminded himself.

"He lives," he agreed, "because Sakurai stopped him. Sakurai insisted that if Aiba dies, he would die, too, and Aiba didn't want that."

"He would have been the perfect vessel," Tsubasa said, a touch of regret in his voice. Takizawa looked exactly like Nino's idea of a deity about to wreak havoc, but Tsubasa nodded at him, and he calmed down immediately.

"How many of you are there?" Nino asked, unable to contain himself.

"All the rebel windups gave themselves up as vessels. It's rather convenient for us."

"It's not enough," Takizawa added, still sounding dissatisfied.

"True," Tsubasa acquiesced. "With Aiba, we would have only needed one. We created him to be the perfect vessel, and he was supposed to give his life to us." He, too, sounded petulant by the last sentence.

Nino knew that no matter what he planned, everything hung on the goodwill of the Goddess. If She gave in to her anger at having lost Aiba, She might just end up destroying all of Milna.

He also realised another thing.

"This isn't the first time, is it?"

In the stories, the first windup was reborn again and again. Each time, they were given a chance to be human, by sacrificing the person they loved. Each time, they followed the script.

And each time, Nino now knew, they were hollowed out somehow, becoming a perfect vessel for the Goddess.

Then, Tsubasa said what he was thinking.

"This is the first time we lost him."

"Every time, it was always the same soul he finds and sacrifices," Takizawa said. "This year, you changed him."

"I didn't do anything," Nino said, "other than treat him as my brother. Because he is."

Takizawa was about to reply when Tsubasa interrupted. "Let him enjoy his win," he said. "I find this particular pawn interesting. And it is only a moment before the next cycle."

"You just like being separate from me," Takizawa snapped.

"You have to admit that it's refreshing, is it not?"

"It's not enough."

"I'm sure We will find more of these creatures that would offer themselves up to Us as hosts."

Nino didn't doubt it. He wasn't sure if he liked the idea of a thousand or more manifestations of Her running around Milna, though. The dozens of rebel windups were already creepy enough.

"Wait. What is going on?"

Yamashita had come to his senses.

"Your whole life, you had been planning to take down the Milnan ruling houses and the Council, because you think they're the cause of your suffering - well, maybe you're not quite wrong there," Nino conceded. "But you became convinced that the problem was with all humankind, and wanted to rebuild the country with windups, which, let's face it, was never going to happen. Because you and your entire plan for vengeance hinged on the rebel group of windups that you thought would make up the new Council, but are now all bodies of the Goddess."

He enjoyed the reemergence of Yamashita's befuddlement as he added, "She was just using you to keep Aiba in perfect condition, and to steer the situation the way She wanted it."

"I'll have you know," Tsubasa told Nino, "that we had no objections to taking the Council once we had Aiba to rule over it."

"It's boring work; you wouldn't want it." Nino was still looking at Yamashita. "Am I forgetting something?"

"I still think he assumes too much," Takizawa said, looking at Tsubasa, talking like they were already in the middle of a conversation.

"I find him entertaining. It isn't often that a pawn reveals itself to be something else."

"That's exactly -"

Tsubasa turned away from Takizawa, facing Nino instead. "How long have you known what was to unfold?"

Nino shrugged. He thought of all the conversations he had had with Rin about that very moment. All that time, and he still didn't know what to tell them. He knew nothing and everything, because the future was changing all the time. They should know.

"You could have changed your path at any time, thanks to the powers We've bestowed your sister. But you still held course, making only the subtlest of changes, so that We won't see." Tsubasa seemed genuinely interested. "You could have spared your friends a lot of pain, and yet you did not."

"Aiba is stronger than you - or he - or anyone - thinks," Nino replied. "So is Rin. And Jun. And the others. You know as well as I do that unless they went through what they did, Aiba's bonds with Sho wouldn't have grown so strong. He would have been spared pain, but he also would have been yours by now."

"You're one of His, definitely," Takizawa said distastefully.

"I am," Nino agreed. "Although He did warn me not to get involved with Aiba in the first place. I disrespect all Gods equally."

He couldn't be sure, but he thought he heard a muffled snort outside. Kamenashi was still there, then, he thought, not bothering to hide a grin. That was one windup that wasn't going give himself up to the Goddess.

"Well, then." Tsubasa looked at Yamashita, who had gone quiet again. "Since he's no longer fun to play with, thanks to you, I heard you have a proposal for Us."


Nino leaned forward, and began to explain what he wanted of the Great Goddess.


There was a time when the Goddess was said to be kind. To remember the fragility and complex emotions of humans, She would live as one once every century or so. She would inhabit a vessel, a young woman chosen to be the Living Goddess. Sometimes she lived in her temple, or with the kings to serve as an advisor. Sometimes she would choose to live as a normal woman might, taking a husband, and bearing him children.

These children would turn out to have extraordinary gifts. Some could see things that had not yet come to pass. Some would have a healing touch. Some found that they could create living things.

While the humans accepted and revered most of Her children's gifts, they were afraid of the first windup. It didn't look or feel human. It stuttered and moved in odd jerky movements. It couldn't have been a gift from the Goddess, they said. It must have been something else, something bad.

More windups were made. Better ones. But they weren't human. They weren't
natural. They were good enough as servants, or slaves, but they weren't to be trusted. Who knew what harm such abominations might cause?

The humans began to wonder if the makers of these windups were really children of the Goddess, if those with unnatural "gifts" weren't really dangerous abominations themselves. More and more of those with strange gifts were cast away, and more and more humans denounced the Living Goddess. In the years - centuries - that would follow, no vessels were offered to the Goddess, and in time, many even forgot that She was real.

In all those years, She never forgot what She used to be. In all those years, She had forgotten everything important.

What humans were like. What it was to care for them, to want them to do well. What it was like to live among them, to feel the way they do.

Then came another with the gift, one of those with Her blood in their veins. They made a windup in Her image, and bestowed her with abilities beyond that of an ordinary windup. She was made to be the perfect vessel, so that She could be the Living Goddess again, except for one thing.

The windup met someone, and fell in love.


Nino remembered the story well. It wasn't one of the ones his mother would tell him, but sometimes he would stay with his mother's family. He and Rin would stay up late to listen to their stories.

They would build a new temple for Her, he said. For Them - all the incarnations of Her, the windups that offered themselves up to be Her vessel. Two of Her incarnations - Takizawa, and Tsubasa, most likely - would be in the Council if They wished, and have a say in human affairs as She used to do in the old stories. His people - those of Her blood - would no longer be casteless, and would also have a representative in the Council.

Tsubasa looked at him curiously. "If you join the Council, you would no longer be able to travel freely."

"I didn't say it would be me."

"You are a member of the Ninomiya House - it would be you."

"I'm not the only Ninomiya left."

They seemed to approve - or at least, They didn't disapprove. Tsubasa nodded. "You do know that We will have what We want, even without what you propose."

"Yes," Nino admitted. "I know. But in all your previous incarnations, you've been the Living Goddess to the few that still remembered. I'm offering the chance to be that for all of Milna again."

"And Aiba?"

"Let him live the life he chooses. After all," Nino said remembering what one of Them had said earlier, "it is just one lifetime. It's only a short moment in time for you."

"I don't see why We need to do anything for you," Takizawa said. He turned to Tsubasa. "This one, he presumes too much."

"I like that. He's different," Tsubasa argued. "It'll be interesting to see what he does in the future."

The two windups - he supposed They weren't really windups anymore - looked at each other, silent. Nino assumed they were communicating in other ways. He glanced at Yamashita, who was still staring blankly. Nino felt a little sorry for him, but he supposed that Yamashita belonged to Them, now.

He had to finish things while They were still in good humour, after all.

He waited, and tried to be patient, as the two remained silent. It was a long while before They turned back to him. They looked the way They did when he first entered the room - expressionless, and more than a little disturbing.

"We agree," They said. "For now."


It did not take long for the Goddess to recall her windups, but even then, they had decimated the Guards. He learned that even though Her sight and hearing was now limited to that of her vessels, each and every one of them retained her powers, making it easy for her to restrain the remaining Guards.

He asked Her why She hadn't stopped the fighting earlier, if She could have done it so easily.

Tsubasa smiled. "That wouldn't have been fun, don't you think?" They needed Nino to shut down the windups, so that a newly awakened Aiba would have had no qualms about killing Sho, Nino thought. At his silence, Tsubasa added, "didn't you say that you let him - and those you care about - go through painful experiences, because it's better to let things play out in the long run?"

Nino thought about the consequences of everything he'd done - from saving Aiba, to choosing to go to Milna despite his sister's warnings. It was true that he didn't take the warnings too seriously; as far as he was concerned, he made his own luck, and there was no such thing as fate. But each choice he had made had lent themselves to the Goddess' plans, except for Aiba not wanting to harm Sho.

Except that he had let Aiba read those stories about the windup's choice. He had Rin tell them the stories as their mother had told them.

Except that he had let Aiba grow closer to Sho, even as it made him uneasy.

Except that he had taken Aiba away with him, even when warned against it. Treated Aiba like a brother, a friend - something that had not happened in Aiba's previous incarnations.

He looked at Tsubasa, but it was Takizawa that spoke.

"We manipulated the situation to suit us. You did the same to suit yourself." That was all he said, but Nino could hear the rest in his mind. The difference is, you are human, and have no such right to change what is written.

"That's not true," he replied. "We defy our fates all the time - you'll learn that again, I suppose."

Takizawa gave him a dark look, but Tsubasa stopped him from saying - or doing - anything.

"Ninomiya," he said. "While I find myself able to tolerate you, my other Vessels do not like you much. For your sake, We would suggest that you do not stay long in Milna."

"I don't intend to."

"Good. And," Tsubasa added, "We hope you won't live to regret your choices."

Great, Nino thought. Cursed by the Goddess. He smiled at them, so that They would not see that They'd managed to rattle him.

"I won't."

As he walked out of the room and saw Kamenashi waiting for him there, he started to relax. After all, he reminded himself, if his own fate was cursed, he could always steal another.

~ end ~

Chapter Forty-Four | Epilogue

It's finished! Only the epilogue left. I hope the ending was all right. (I know there's no Sakuraiba here, sorry. They will be around in the epilogue!)

Thank you sharksoul24, so_gracefull, leiva21, sesquerdo, ariange, ianne_xxyl, and cherry1989 for still reading! <3

3rd-Aug-2014 07:15 am (UTC)
Wow... That was quite a revelation. I didn't expect this, especially the part where the goddess was actually living in the windups. I still can't understand Nino's gift, he can talk to the gods? I mean, Rin can see the future, and so can he? I know, it's almost the end, but Nino and Rin having special gifts, does that mean that they may also come from the bloodline of the goddess? Ahhh... still so many questions. and if this implies that Nino would be leaving Milna, would that also mean that he's taking Aiba with him or he'll choose to be with Sho in Milna? (well, assuming that Sho would want to stay there...)

I think what makes this story quite different is the fact that it tells us that despite the destiny that God has set out for us, our choices in life and the way we live our lives can change it. We just have to be ready for the possible consequences of our actions. I think this is something I needed reassurance on lately with real life. Thanks bb~

PS: On top of the chapter still says "Fourty four". but this is chapter 45, right? :)
3rd-Aug-2014 08:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for telling me about the chapter title! Fixing it now ^^;

All of the casteless were from the Goddess' bloodline (sorry if I hadn't made that clear); a lot of them have gifts, but many (like Nino) do not. Although I suppose that talking to the Gods could be a gift of sorts! One that I'm sure he'd love to get rid of XD

Thank you for reading! ♥!
3rd-Aug-2014 08:37 am (UTC)
New Chapter!!! ♡♡♡
4th-Aug-2014 09:23 am (UTC)
3rd-Aug-2014 03:57 pm (UTC)
Ah it's ending already~
Well I'm actually curious about the original ending, you said it was sad? I wonder whether Aiba or Sho actually dying... but I think I prefer this one. Aiba made his choice to be with Sho with Nino's help, if Nino didn't intervene he probably end up as the vessel and the cycle will continue.
That little Juntoshi moment is really sweet I think (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Is it weird that I find Tsubasa and Takizawa creepy? lols
4th-Aug-2014 09:29 am (UTC)
Yes, the original ending was a sad one. Things would have turned out a bit differently, that's for sure. I find T&T creepy, too, to be honest :p Thanks for reading!
3rd-Aug-2014 05:27 pm (UTC)
Will be waiting for the Epilogue and will go on to AEES reading spree! XD

Otsukaresama deshita!!
4th-Aug-2014 09:31 am (UTC)
Hope you'll enjoy the ending! :D
3rd-Aug-2014 05:32 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. The last chapter came quick!! And I love it. I love the Nino you write, the witty dis-respective bastard <3 Also I adore you for giving us a happy ending. Even though you said you had changed it... I can't believe there is only epilogue left. I definitely need to re-read this story again. Just to feel the range of emotions this story has stirred in me once more <3

Thanks for never abandoning this fic and writing it till the end <3 <3 <3 Love you lots!
4th-Aug-2014 09:32 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for reading and sticking through the fic with me! <3
6th-Aug-2014 01:36 pm (UTC)
I am a little late on commenting this time, but, of course, I am here! ^.^
It’s the end! So many revelations for me in this chapter… O.O I think I need to read it again, I am still processing everything… But it’s such a good story! Your Nino is the best! So clever, fearless in his emotions and, as always, a brat! XD Juntoshi is ♥! You know they are always precious to me, but, in this universe, they have such a special commitment, they are so loyal to each other, it’s inspiring! And I will be waiting for Sakuraiba in the epilogue! ^.~
Thank you for this amazing fic! I know you had a hard time with AEES, but it sure is a wonderful universe and I am really happy you manage to finish it!
I hope I can still read Juntoshi from you in the future! And beautiful stories like this one! ^.^ I am fan of your writing so thank you for sharing it! ^.^
18th-Aug-2014 01:12 pm (UTC)
I hope I'll still be writing more Juntoshi! It's really hard to get motivated or inspired these days (>_<). I wonder if it's because I'm in the fandom less? Or because I haven't been reading fics, or finding fics I'd like to read? Either way, it makes me write less :/

Thank you for reading! ♥♥
7th-Aug-2014 09:08 am (UTC)
so i finished both chapters now.

and wow.
there happened a lot in them.
i am still stunned by that.
and i am stunned by nino. really. he is just great!
and i am stunned about the goddess. O.O
i have to let that think in my mind now. ^^

but it is a great and good ending for the story (even when there still will be an epilogue ^^)
a very good ending for a very, very good story! *nods*

thank you for sharing this.
i enjoyed reading the last 2 chapters. ^^
18th-Aug-2014 01:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading! Glad you liked the ending :)
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