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marineko's fanfiction
Fund-raising for Japan 
12th-Mar-2011 05:55 pm
As many of you may know already, Japan was rocked by a massive 8.9 magnitude (some accounts claim 8.8 or 9.0) earthquake and tsunami, and will continue to suffer from aftershocks and further tsunami dangers even as they work hard to evacuate, rescue and eventually begin to rebuild. Hundreds are already reported to be dead, with still more missing and injured.

Since the previous fundraiser for Haiti was so successful, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in giving it another go this time with Japan? It's true that as fans scattered all over the world who have only gathered here out of a mutual love for Arashi, banding together to support the cause may seem difficult. But wouldn't it be great if we manage to succeed, and not only that, but also do it by continuing our contributions to fandom the way we already have?

- this post @ arashi_on

I am offering to write one-shots for the fundraising [offer/request post here]. While this is going on, I will be postponing all my current fics and work on requests instead. (You are free to request for a new chapter of an ongoing fic instead of a new one-shot, though.) If there are no requests to fulfil, I'll work on my ongoing works normally.

If you'd like to help out, but don't want to buy anything, you could just send money to arashi.fundraising@gmail.com or directly to any organisation of your choice.

Update (9/7/2011): To those that I still owe fics to, I'm very very sorry for my long absence. Well, a lot of things have been going on. School, and work, obviously. But also I was having trouble with one of the prompts and wrote at least a dozen versions of it and none of them seem to suit the prompt by the time I finished them. I even decided to work on the other requests first, and had so many works in progress when... my computer crashed. And I lost all of the fics I've been working on (a dozen or so Juntoshi fics! More chapters of AEES! The ending of A Golden Moon! And more un-requested fics - an Ohba and an Aimiya, for one...) disappeared. I got really depressed after that and couldn't write for weeks. Now I'm slowly starting to re-write, and will definitely be posting the remaining requests when I can.

I will be working on a first-pay-first-serve basis so here's a list for me to keep everything organised, and for you to check where you stand atm. Once I get a confirmation from the arashi_on mod, I will move you from the "request" list to the "pending" list - which is the order of fics I'm working on.

* kitsune_jade requested (1) 1 chapter of A Golden Moon (2) one Juntoshi AU one-shot
* aliehumdee requested (1) 1 chapter of A Golden Moon (2) one Sakumoto one-shot
* pockylover24 requested 1 chapter of An Ever Expanding Sky
* valentinekent requested 2 chapters of A Golden Moon
* all4cyanide requested a Sakumiya one-shot
* daijinamono requested a Sakuraiba One-Shot based on Norah Jones' "Turn Me On"
* Anonymous requested two chapters of An Ever Expanding Sky
* joyeuxnoel requested one chapter of An Ever Expanding Sky and a bittersweet Sakuraiba one-shot.
* senshi_san requested a Juntoshi one-shot and a one-shot set in Sakura'verse.
* Anonymous requested a chapter of Sho-phobia
* maxxsignal requested a Sakumoto one-shot
* iphridian requested 2 chapters of A Golden Moon and a Juntoshi one-shot
* Anonymous requested a chapter of Sho-phobia

* valentinekent chapter 10 of A Golden Moon [link]
* valentinekent chapter 11 of A Golden Moon [link]
* kitsune_jade chapter 12 of A Golden Moon - [link]
* kitsune_jade Juntoshi AU One-Shot - [link]
* all4cyanide Sakumiya One-Shot - [link]
* r_1_ss_a Sakumoto One-Shot - [link]
* aliehumdee chapter 13 of A Golden Moon - [link]
* aliehumdee Sakumoto one-shot - [link]
* daijinamono Sakuraiba one-shot - [link]
* desirer91 Jun-centric fic - [link 1][link 2]
* joyeuxnoel chapter 34 of An Ever Expanding Sky - [link]
* joyeuxnoel Sakuraiba one-shot - [link]
* pockylover24 chapter 35 of An Ever Expanding Sky - [link]
* Anonymous chapter 36 of An Ever Expanding Sky - [link]
* Anonymous chapter 37 of An Ever Expanding Sky - [link]
* senshi_san Juntoshi one-shot - [link]
* senshi_san Sakuraverse one-shot - [link]
* Anonymous chapter 2 of Sho-Phobia [link]
* iphridian chapter 14 of A Golden Moon - [link]
* iphridian chapter 15 of A Golden Moon - [link]
* iphridian Juntoshi one-shot - [link]
* Anonymous chapter 3 of Sho-Phobia - WORKING ON THIS

14th-Mar-2011 06:24 am (UTC)
hahahahahaha i love how many people requested A Golden Moon chapter :D :D

you must be happy it is so loved
16th-Mar-2011 10:18 pm (UTC)
I'm happy, but I'm also a little troubled over whether I can write that many chapters of the same fic so fast, haha. ^_^ Thank you for requesting it!
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